'Gemma has worked with our four Siberian Huskies and one Japanese Akita for six years now and has made a real difference to them. They love their time with her and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. We have seen particular change in one of our dogs, whose lead reactivity towards other dogs is vastly improved. Through Gemma's work, he is now a pleasure to walk.' ~ Andrew Whysall.

'I first met Gemma when she cared for my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bones, at the kennels he was rescued from. Bones was a firm favourite amongst the staff and none more so than Gemma, she always made a real fuss of him and tended to his every need, she made his stays in kennels so much nicer. Being a therapy dog, Bones inspired Gemma and her dog Reggie to become Pets As Therapy Volunteers. Gemma has a very calm and caring nature which makes her ideal as a therapy volunteer. Her work with Bull breeds and larger breeds makes her very popular with clients. I am very proud to call her my friend, and now fellow Therapy Dogs Nationwide volunteer. Bones adores her!' ~ Marylyn Godber, Therapy Dogs Nationwide Volunteer and Dog Owner.

'I have an eight month old Labrador named Blue and Red Robin Dog Training has turned him completely around. After months of him barking constantly, mouthing and jumping up visitors, I finally have a dog who listens! Blue's nature is lovely, he was just lacking manners. In a week Blue has turned into a new dog, he has manners when people visit, hasn't barked at us at all and best of all he hasn't tried to mouth us once! I would strongly recommend Red Robin Dog Training, not only has the training helped Blue, it has shown me where I was going wrong. Thank you so much for helping us.' ~ Lauren Leigh Chubb.

'Recently had a one to one with Gemma, working with my reactive pooch Roxy. Gemma is simply a breath of fresh air. She made both of us feel at ease straight away, no question was a stupid question to her and in no way did we feel rushed through our appointment. I would definitely recommend her to others struggling with a reactive dog, her knowledge is staggering! Thank you Gemma for putting me on the right tracks to make our girl the happy, confident dog she deserves to be.' ~ Sally Schofield.

'I contacted Gemma regarding some issues I have with my one year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and booked a one to one consultation/training session. Gemma answered all my questions and has put a clear and structured training plan together to address the particular issues we were having. I feel much more confident going forward and have already seen a difference in the behaviour of my fur babe.' ~ Amy Oldham.

'Really positive first session with our two year old Staffy Rambo - really nice to find someone who understands the breed and their little habits! We have noticed a definite improvement in him since Gemma's visit and he is enjoying the food hunts at night and the brain games. Looking forward to our next session!' ~ Jo Jones.


'Really pleased with our progress since our consultation and training session with Gemma, and my reactive GSDx. Even when Sasha does react towards another dog now, the intensity is vastly reduced and she calms and turns her attention back to me much quicker. We also now have a rock steady sit and wait at every kerb and much more focus on me as we walk. Gemma's help and advice has changed our walks into much less stressful affair for both of us, and I now look forward to going out and finding other dogs, instead of dreading it! Thanks so much.' ~ Sean Heavens. 

'Our pup would get extremely distressed when we left the house, so we booked a consultation with Gemma. We had two sessions and after following Gemma's training plan we have managed to leave the house for up to an hour now without any stress for our dog! It only took us two weeks to get to this stage, I would definitely recommend Red Robin Dog Training.' ~ Demi Labrea.

'Gemma has been helping me with my dogs for over five years now, including walking them and training. She has helped with all issues that have arisen with two rescue Siberian Huskies and has been great with them. This has included recall, walking to heel and scent work. The dogs love her and are always happy to see her. I would recommend her for all your training needs and behavioural problems.' ~ Rebecca Pearson.

'I have known Gemma for over ten years, we have worked together at a rescue centre, caring for many dogs with varying behavioural issues on a daily basis, and also at a boarding kennels. During the time I have known Gemma, she has always shown a huge amount of passion towards her work and will go above and beyond to ensure that both the animals and their owners are happy. Two years ago I adopted a beautiful rescue dog, Morgan, who as to be expected came with many issues. Gemma has helped me through a lot of Morgan's issues with her training knowledge and one-to-one time. There has been times throughout the training when it would have been easy to give up but Gemma has gone above and beyond to support both myself and Morgan, for which I will be eternally grateful. I would highly recommend to anyone to use Gemma's training services as she is very reliable, hardworking and not only shows love and care towards your companion animals, but she is also compassionate towards your feelings and will always create a plan to suit the needs of everyone involved.' ~ Lizz Claxton, Specialist RVN and Dog Owner.

'We have two Romanian rescue dogs who are scared of people and are particularly reactive towards other dogs. Red Robin came to personally assess their behaviour and Gemma enlightened us with information and gave us the tools needed to help to overcome their fear. We have been putting these into practice and have seen a notable difference in our dogs' behaviour. Thank you Red Robin!' ~ Kelly Shaw. 

'I can certainly recommend Red Robin Dog Training, having known Gem for some time, right from having my rescue dog over ten years ago. My current dog loves his time with Gem and when he visits he is so excited to see her. I am so pleased she has now moved into dog training, and being a behaviourist myself I can vouch for Gem's knowledge and skill with dogs. A great addition to the industry!' ~ Jon Davison, Canine Assist.

'I am a fellow dog trainer based in North London. Gem is an absolute inspiration and always there for me with endless second opinions and advice. Gem is conscientious and caring and her extensive practical experience shines through in every case she takes on. Her behaviourist qualification is well respected in the industry and can only be achieved after a lot of hard work. I highly recommend Red Robin Dog Training!' ~ Jacqueline Cox, East Barnett Pet Care, IMDT.

'I have a seven month old Rotti x Dogue who did not have the best start in life. I asked Red Robin Dog Training to come out and help us with a few issues. Red finds it hard when other dogs are in her personal space. Gemma has advised me the best way to help Red with feeling more comfortable when other dogs are around, we took her for a walk together and Red loved it. Thank you for helping me to understand how to help Red.' ~ Hayley Hurrell.

'I contacted Gemma with regards to a few issues I was having with my three Jack Russell Terriers, and received a fast and friendly response. Gemma visited us at our home and gave us lots of advice and plenty of training tips. She came out on a walk with us to demonstrate the application. The advice Gemma gave us is working really well and I am a lot more confident about achieving my goals with my dogs. I am much happier and so are they. I would highly recommend Gemma and would definitely use her services again in the future.' ~ Roxanne Jenkinson.

‘Every now and then you meet someone in life that has such a positive effect on you and your family that they will never be forgotten, ever.
My family and I have a Jack Russell called Ted, he is a miniature version, and he is also the tiny one of the litter and so is very small. One of the main reasons we got Ted was that our eldest son, Sam, has a genetic condition that has led to amongst other things, a heart condition, he is also autistic. We thought the bond of a dog (which he has always been asking for) would only help his anxiety and sometimes loneliness.
Ted was a fab addition to our family with Sam and brother Tom falling in love with him instantly!
Unfortunately, in August of last year we had an incident that involved our family being bullied severely while out on a walk with Ted which left the kids in tears and very, very frightened. They wouldn’t even walk to school after it happened and even had time off school. Since that happened, we had just gone in complete reverse with the great positive effect owning a dog had had on all of us, but in particular Sam.
Then we met Gemma. Her kind, caring and just lovely nature completely changed our outlook and we started going forwards again immediately. She had an instant impact on Sam and Tom, she made a great connection with them straight away, Tom got upset when recalling what had happened and Gemma was up and out into the garden with the children playing games with the dog to distract them and they were happy again in minutes.
Gemma has incredible knowledge of dog behaviour and was very clear and firm with what Claire and I were to do to recover from what had happened and improve Ted’s behaviour. We were impressed as much by the counselling she had given us as we were with the dog training.
After 3 sessions we feel we are well on the way now but will still see Gemma again in the Spring for a catch up.
We would recommend Red Robin Dog Training to anyone we ever meet that needs help, Gemma has had a profound positive impact on our family and is just brilliant.
We will never forget how much she has helped us.’ - Mark

‘I've had two zoom meetings and two one to one training sessions with Gemma. I wasn't sure what to expect but the results in such a short time are amazing. All the little tips, training aids, suggestions are given with patience and understanding. She had a rapport with Mabel from the very beginning. We've worked on recall and walking and cannot begin to say what a help this has been. Would highly recommend Gemma to anybody with a dog, but most definitely at the beginning of their puppy's time with you.’ - Rosie Lishman

You will never meet a woman who loves and cares for dogs quite as much as Gemma, and this definitely shows when training them!

My middle dog has anxiety issues and it only took 2 sessions to identify the issues and create a plan of action. Gemma is patient and uses positive reinforcement techniques as opposed to harsh collars and shouting. It's refreshing to see my dogs enjoy being trained, they LOVE Gemma and I always look forward to our next training sessions.

She's always on hand to help if I have questions, I just cannot recommend her enough :)!!!!

‘Gemma has a wealth of experience and is my go-to person for any behaviour issues i face with dogs. Working with dogs myself, with my own dog walking and pet sitting business, means that i'm often faced with difference scenarios that require some expert advice and it's Gemma at Red Robin that always comes to my rescue! Gemma is the only person i recommend all of my clients to use, she has very high standards, she's approachable, affordable and most importantly - she's amazing at what she does! (She even has a sense of humour which is a bonus!) - I can't speak highly enough of Gemma, what she has done for several clients of mine is has really improved the lives of both dog and owners.’ ~ Adam Cook